MultiView eSports

Synchronized Multi-view Streaming.

Multiview is a streaming platform built on AlcaCruz’s award-winning and patented technology, allowing esports and streamer audiences to watch multiple live or pre-recorded streams simultaneously – and perfectly time synchronized – using intuitive screen and audio controls.  Multiview synchronously streams 4 screens at a very low 5.5 Mbps bandwidth (competing platforms do not have synchronized streams and their multiple streams use 3-5 times the bandwidth, which can cause video buffering and stalling). 

With Multiview, teams have much more capability to coordinate and strategize together, giving them a strong competitive advantage.

With Multiview, players can broadcast together, showing 4 different views on one screen. Anytime you want to focus on one view, just tap to enlarge it, or swipe to watch all 4 views.

When capturing 4 different camera views on one game, time synchronization is a must. Our software is the leader in synchronization.

Format and # of screens are adjustable depending on content creator.

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MultiView Sports Bar

AlcaCruz’s MultiView products delight and engage fans, using breakthrough technology that provides for superb video quality at a much lower bandwidth.

With MultiView SportsBar, you can watch 4 sports games simultaneously on one screen or 1 game from 4 different camera angles. You can expand to fill the entire screen by a tapping on the view that you want to watch.

MultiView SportsBar has an interactive screen, permitting user data to be collected to present better products and services to the customer.

MultiView’s technology allows 4 views to stream using less than 5.5 Mbps, much less bandwidth than competing products. High bandwidth means buffering problems and failed streaming.

When capturing 4 different camera views on one game, time synchronization is a must. Our software is the leader in synchronization.

The Power of Multiview

• Superb Video Quality

• Multiple formats and # of screens available (2, 3, 4, 8, etc.)

• Audio switches seamlessly with zero lag time

• Extremely low bandwidth

• MultiView products live stream 4 games < 5.5 Mbps

• Typical US Household WIFI is 25 Mbps

• Competitive products stream at > 20~30 Mbps causing videos to buffer & stall

• Software provides industry first time synchronization - An absolute must-have for live events

Built to Win

AlcaCruz Wins Top Award at the Global Cable Innovation Summit in China for CruzTV

AlcaCruz is the recipient of the “Winner of the Year” award for CruzTV's technology at the Global Cable Innovation Summit held in China on October 24, 2019. Global Cable Innovation Hangzhou Summit (GCI) is co-sponsored by the Technical Committee of China Alliance of Radio, Film and Television, CableLabs and Wasu Group. As part of the award, Wasu Group and AlcaCruz have entered into a “Memorandum for Strategic Cooperation.” AlcaCruz CEO, Emily Ward, said that “AlcaCruz is delighted to win this prestigious honor and to have the opportunity to work with Wasu, one of the largest cable and entertainment companies in China.”

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