Powering the World’s First Commercial 8K VR Platform on 5G Networks for KT

"Starting March 2020, 8K VR content will be provided as a streaming service through the '8K Premium' tube of the'Super VR Watch' application. The service was developed by combining KT 's 5G network optimization technology with Silicon Valley's startup AlcaCruz's 'SuperStream Solution'. The heart of the service is ultra high-capacity 8K VR."

Highly Flexible.

Runs on any Private or Public Cloud Using Any VR Camera & HMD

8K and 4K 360° VR LIVE & VOD Streaming Software

Lightening Speeds with Low Latency

Low Bandwidth.

8K 360° VR Streaming at only 9-17 Mbps

SuperStream LIVE is a GPU based software solution for 8K Live VR video streaming

AlcaCruz’s SuperStream delivers 360° VR in superb video quality using extremely low bandwidth.  While others may be limited to public clouds, SuperStream’s patented technology is highly flexible and nimble enough to run in both private and public clouds.  With SuperStream, you can take full advantage of the power and blazing speeds of 5G networks to deliver a breathtaking and fully immersive visual experience.

Motion to Photon Latency

Motion to Photon Latency

Motion to Photon Latency

How we stand out:

Best quality VR experience

Least broadcasting delay
(less than 10 sec)

Easy scalability for any number of
concurrent users

Fast integration to your platform
or services

Lowest live VR production cost

Superstream and Superstream LIVE is a foveated, single streaming technology to deliver the highest quality VR videos.

Using Superstream and Superstream LIVE streaming data amount changes: 8K original VR video’s data rate goes from 30 Mbps to 6 Mbps, 4K original VR video’s data rate goes from 15 Mbps to 3 Mbps, guaranteeing a saving of 75% of data on average.

Live streaming of 8K/4K VR videos include real time optimization. We have worked with most 360 4K Live capable cameras and works with any CDN service.

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